Demo Renders

LightWave renders I've done. Unless otherwise noted, the models and setup are my own.
(Image textures are generally downloaded.)

marble renderTeacup
(Left) An assignment for my Modeling and Animation class, three 'marbles' with varying texture. I chose one clear glass, one reflective, and wrapped an Earth texture around the third.

(Right) Another class assignment, a teacup with various lighting effects.
It turns out, we had a pre-made model available,
but I was done with this before I knew that.
I prefer my cup anyway.

(Left) An early assignment in the class was to build a vase on a flat surface.
I thought the flower made a nice extra.

(Right) A penguin model for the class, made following the book's method, and rendered with environmental stuff I made for the animation.
Cute little guy.

Teacup Teacup
A couple of test renders from the penguin animation that is the final project for this semester's Modeling and Animation class.
I'm rather proud of this model.
See the animation here.